It wouldn’t be the holiday season without a panto! See what Surrey has on offer

Royal Canadian Theatre Company presents Robinson Crusoe

Royal Canadian Theatre Company presents Robinson Crusoe

Once upon a time here was a seaside village called Chuckling-by-the-Sea. It was a very happy village, full of happy people and every now and then they would all set sail aboard the SS Leaky Lucy for a pleasure cruise. The cruise ship was owned by Mrs Kitty Crusoe and she and her son Billy were in charge of Crusoe’s Cruises.

Unfortunately Billy Crusoe wasn’t a very good pilot and kept crashing the ship.

Enter the dread Captain Blight and his mates. He tells Mrs Crusoe that he will captain the ship so off they all go for their cruise. BUT Captain Blight and his mates are PIRATES!!

Once out on the open main the Pirates show their true colours and try to take over the ship, but a storm comes up and sinks everyone to the bottom of the sea where they meet King Neptune – who is not very happy.

Eventually they all make it to the Island of Linga Longa but there is an evil Witchdoctor about to take over the world. Unless of course Robinson and his friends can stop him …

You guessed it … Robinson Crusoe is coming to Surrey courtesy of the Royal Canadian Theatre Company! Tickets available now.

For further information, please see Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates.

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